How you like boys according to your zodiac sign
How you like boys according to your zodiac sign

The astrology is one of the first science of humanity. Emperors and ancient kings always consulted astrologers to know when was the perfect time to make important decisions. Today astrology is more guided towards the path of horoscopes; study the way in which you can influence some stars and how you develop in a certain time.

This list will help you see, through this discipline, which child would be ideal for you according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: They are safe women who love men who surprise them and make them feel this way. If you are one of those who always has a new plan and do not live it asking what they want, then it is likely that you will attract an Aries.

Taurus: They are super feminine girls and lovers of classic romance. They love nothing more than to tell them how beautiful they are and how much they admire them. They adore the little details and especially the boys who earn their trust.

Gemini: They love to flirt, so if you’re a kid that lends itself to that, you already have an advantage. Above all, they like super-patient guys who listen to all the changes that go through their mind and keep loving them.

Cancer: They are very shy girls who need a lot of time to open up, so a boy who knows what he wants and does not give up so easily, gives them enough security to show his personality and see how tender they can be.

Leo: They have the habit of taking the reins of the relationship, since they are accustomed to having their strong personality attract people, although without consciously doing so. Leo needs a man who will pay attention to her all the time and be aware of her.

Libra: With them you must be very careful not to confuse the demanding with the haughty. They are rigorous because they like excellence and like their partner to be as exacting with the world as they are. If you go out with Libra, we assure you that you will go much further than you think.

Scorpio: They are the most devoted girls there is. They have the noblest feelings and do not like to go around the problems they know they have no solution. But waters with the horn! What matters most to them is that their boy is faithful to them.

Sagittarius: Consider yourself the luckiest guy if you manage to go out with Sagittarius. There is nothing they love more than their freedom and independence. They need a partner that loves them and wants to be with them, but without wanting to tie or control them. He just wants to fly free next to someone.

Capricorn: They are direct and determined. They always know what they want to do, but that does not mean that they do not like you to take the initiative from time to time. They prefer to clarify a point before fighting, so honest and direct guys are their hit.

Aquarius: They always seek to be at peace with the people around them. For them their friends are super important and they are faithful to them, so they look for a boy that gets along with their circle of friendship and is willing to always go out with them.

Did the stars succeed? Do they know your heart well?

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