That has happened with Snapchat
That has happened with Snapchat

Snapchat is the HTC of the applications, its competitors have taken a lot of prominence, their results are far from being as good as before, and their situation is not ideal, but still clings to life, and that is something completely respectable.

The company, in one of its attempts to stay afloat, launched SnapCash, a mobile payment service among users that, as expected, has not been a resounding success, and now the company has decided to close it next month.

We do not really know what was going through the head of the company’s management when he decided to launch this service, but the truth is that it seems that the adventure in collaboration with Square has not lasted everything they wanted and expected.

And, as you can read in TechCrunch, this medium has discovered in the code of the application that the payment service will disappear next August 30, and the reasons are not entirely clear.

And, according to the website, the closure could be related to an inappropriate use of SnapCash, specifically referring to offers of erotic multimedia content in exchange for payments through this platform, something that inevitably weighs down the image of the service, which It gives the impression of bleaching this type of behavior.

Although Snapchat has neither confirmed nor rejected this theory, the truth is that the spokesman of the company has said he is grateful to the users of the payment service and to Square – the company that developed it. So, when the time comes, on August 30, users of this service will receive a notification with the news of the disappearance of SnapCash within the application.

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