Skype is updated
Skype is updated

Maybe for many users, the least the youngest ones, messaging applications do not go beyond the green color WhatsApp or the blue of Telegram and Facebook Messenger. It is true that they are the best known but not the only ones. A good example can be Microsoft’s Skype.

As if an old rocker who refuses to retire and continues to release discs to the market, Skype, one of the most classic applications of Microsoft, continues to add improvements thanks to new releases. And this time he does it with an improvement highly demanded by the users that it was rare that he was not present yet.

Reading notice… how on WhatsApp

This is the notice of reading messages, something similar to the double blue check WhatsApp and although it seems incredible, was not an idea introduced by the company now owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

This functionality is available in version 8.26.76, only accessible to users who are already testing the Skype Insider version. With it the conversations, both individual and group (as long as they do not have more than 20 users), will have access to a reading warning that will indicate if that person has seen the message.

To do this, the avatar of the user in question will be used, which will appear under the message when the person has read it. It is a very useful function but, as happened with the double blue check of WahtsApp, it can be disabled.

To do this we must go through the “Settings> Privacy” to the section that deactivates this option. They will not be able to know when we have seen the message, but beware, because we will not be able to have access to that information with respect to other users.

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The new functionality is available to the insider users of the application and it is expected that it will not take long to reach the general application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store by the rest of the people.


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