Shutterstock celebrates 15 years
Shutterstock celebrates 15 years

In 2003 it was a very interesting year, and some events marked milestones in history.

In politics, at least 9 countries join the European Union, Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected governor of California.

In technology, the Human Genome Project is completed with 99% of the human genome sequenced with 99.99% accuracy.

In the show, blockbuster films such as The Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo, The Matrix Reloaded, Pirates of the Caribbean are released.

And in the industry of creativity and marketing, a company emerged that has become essential for many agencies: the photographer and programmer Jon Oringer founds Shutterstock.

This company is one of the largest stock image banks that later expanded its services and now also has a video bank and music bank.

Shutterstock celebrates with much creativity
To celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, the creative team of Shutterstockanalyzed how the world has changed in 15 years and selected the events that in some way or another, marked the history of humanity.

Inspired by these 15 themes (1 per year), the Shutterstock team of designers created these posters for which they used the Shutterstock collection, which currently has more than 200 million images.

2003 – Mapping of the Human Genome

2004 – Facebook is launched

2005 – Angela Merkel elected as the first female Chancellor

2006 – Disney buys Pixar

2007 – The first iPhone is launched

2008 – Barak Obama, first African-American president of the USA

2009 – They discover the oldest skeleton of a hominid

2010 – The worst oil spill in the US occurs in Mexico’s Gofo

2011 – Game of Thrones premieres on HBO

2012 – NASA Explorer, Curiosity, arrives at Mars.

2013 – Nelson Mandela dies

2014 – Germany becomes the 1st European country to win the World Cup in America.

2015 – Marriage of the same gender becomes legal throughout the United States.

2016 – Pókemon Go becomes a technological and social phenomenon around the world

2017 – The #MeToo movement becomes global.

The curious thing about the selection of images is that there was a lot of emphasis on the images of vectors, on the photographs (which are based on pixels).

  The crisis of Facebook

This shows the amount of Shutterstock images that can be found in different formats:

  • Photography
  • Vector
  • Illustrations

Shutterstock is a very valuable resource for marketing and advertising, and we hope they continue to innovate for many more years.

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