Shawn Mendes relationship with Hailey Baldwin
Shawn Mendes relationship with Hailey Baldwin

Finally Shawn Mendes clarifies everything about his relationship with Hailey Baldwin…

The beautiful model and the singer stole all eyes when they came together to the red carpet of the Met Gala, everyone thought it was their way of making their relationship official; however, everything was a lie!

During an interview with W Magazine , Shawn clarified the status of his relationship with Hailey:

“We are very good friends, it’s fun, a professional for this kind of thing, I want it to be great for her, so during the last 24 hours I tried to do a lot of stupid things to keep her attentive, I’m happy to walk with her, she’s wonderful.”

How sad! We would have loved that the romance of Hailey and Shawn was completely real, and although Hailey is not the owner of his heart, Shawn said that a song from his new album is a beautiful confession of love, although he keeps the name of the lucky girl:

“I wrote a song on my new album confessing my feelings for someone, which I had never really done before, it was all about breakups, or pain, or if I felt something or not, but I never really wrote a song about someone, confessing how I felt. I felt, which is somewhat frightening.”

Would you like Hailey and Shawn to give themselves a real chance?

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