Sexual Frequency
Sexual Frequency

However, the intensity of sex also depends on when you have it. It is not the same to indulge in the delights of a “morning person” when we only have a few minutes before running to work, to do it in the afternoon, without rushing or worrying.

These are some of the differences in sex, according to the schedule in which you practice it.


The caresses tend to be tender and the kisses long. Positions vary, however, because of the schedule it is common to be a little lethargic. The teaspoon position is the classic one for when you are between asleep and awake, but very hot. The missionary is also a great option to leave happy to the office. It is traditional but super pleasant.


You came back from work and you bring the livid to the top. You may be tired but the desire is too much. Evening sex tends to be daring, playful and also to last for longer. There is no rush or worry. You can start with a warm bath in a couple or a romp in the living room, in the kitchen or wherever you want. There is time to give and receive as far as your imagination allows.

After dinner

Even with a full belly, sex seems like it. Maybe at the beginning you start with the traditional positions, but give and take a few minutes and you will see how things change. In the dark it feels more like experimenting. How about starting with doggie sex and then switching to anal sex? Let the night take hold of you and enter everything!

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