Sending photos by mistake, in some Samsung Galaxy
Sending photos by mistake, in some Samsung Galaxy

According to complaints on Reddit and the official forums of Samsung in the United States, the text message application of some phones of the South Korean company sends, by mistake, random images to other users.

At least that happened to a handful of Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 phone users, recently released to the market.

According to the owners of the affected cell phones, the problem comes from the application of predetermined text messages, which erroneously sends stored images to random contacts through SMS.

The Gizmodo site  states that a user even stated that, instead of sending a photo, Samsung Messages sent his complete photo gallery to a contact.

The reasons for this error or virus have not been determined, and a sensitive part is that when the photos are sent, no evidence is left, which means that users could never know that they were sent to other people.

The South Korean company is already working on the situation: “We are aware of the reports on this matter and our technical teams are investigating it. Interested customers can contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.”

If you have a Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9 we recommend you go to the configuration of the app and revoke the ability to access storage.

Another option is to switch to a different text message application, such as Android Messages or Textra.

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