Selena Gomez donate funds the soundtrack Back To You
Selena Gomez donate funds the soundtrack Back To You

Selena Gomez was the victim of the unpleasant comments of a famous designer…

This is the Italian Stefano Gabbana, co-founder of the world-famous brand, Dolce & Gabbana, who dared to call Selena “ugly” in a post on Instagram.

In a publication of the site The Catwalk Italy , where Selena appears in a collage wearing beautiful red dresses, the designer commented: “И proprio brutta !!!”, which translates as: ” It’s so ugly”.

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While Sel did not refer to Gabbana’s terrible comments, his huge army of Selenators came out in his defense making comments like these:

“Do not dishonor the brand, sir.” His merits in fashion do not give him the right to insult a woman. This is so unpleasant “and” It’s not great, I’m going to throw away all my Dolce & Gabbana items, I will not support a disgusting brand.”

The songwriter and friend of Sel, Julia Michaels said: “Selena, I only tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out.

Tommy Dorfman of 13 Reasons Why also wrote: “Stefano Gabbana is tired and finished. His homophobic, misogynistic existence that shames the body will not prosper in 2018. It is no longer tolerable or elegant.”

This is not the first time the famous designer has launched the attack, as in the past he has intimidated celebs like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Miley Cyrus , even the brand has been boycotted by several celebrities as protests against their insensitive comments. What

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do you think of these designers who believe that their designs only have to be ported by people they consider beautiful?

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