Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

A Selena Gomez hurts that Justin Bieber forget it…

Justin has been seen again, and in a super affectionate plan, with Hailey Baldwin, many believe that this is a possible reconciliation and the beginning of a new relationship for the singer; however, and although she was the one who made the decision not to return with him, Selena feels terrible to see him again with the model, it hurts!

“Selena is aware that Justin and Hailey have been dating again, and of course, it hurts.” She still has very deep feelings for Justin, despite everything that happened there is a lot of love there.It is painful for her to see that she is again with Hailey, but it is what he is, he is no longer with Justin, and he is free to do and see whoever he wants”: The Hollywood Life half said.

We understand Sel’s feelings, after all we always think that despite having taken a break, they would be together again; however, it is now Hailey who is hopeful that things with Justin will work out and get serious this time.

“Hailey is excited to be back together, but she fears she will disappear again and not commit, as she has done so many times in the past.” She thinks Justin is smart, funny, incredibly talented and the sexiest guy on the planet. She is very happy that she is making time for her and she hopes that this time they can have something lasting.”

We hope that Justin and Selena find the happiness they are looking for, even if it is separately.

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