Home Entertainment Selena Gomez still dreams of finding her prince charming

Selena Gomez still dreams of finding her prince charming

The star does not give up on love!

Selena Gomez find prince charming
Selena Gomez find prince charming

A bad love story is not the end for the romantic dreams of Selena Gomez

It seems that finding the ideal boy has not been an easy task for Sel !, since his romantic relationships with Justin and Bieber and The Weeknd did not end well at all; however, it seems that Sel is willing to continue fighting in the battle of love, until he finds his prince charming.

“Selena knows it’s very hard to date a celebrity who brings stress to the situation, but it’s also about dating and she definitely wants to fall in love – whether it’s Justin, Zedd or The Weeknd, she has not really been alone in recent years and she’s interested in finding someone who will eventually be her husband and the father of her children.

She wants to be a mother, she wants the wedding and she wants the white fence one day. She has a new life contract after her surgery and wants to live with someone and go through all the great things a relationship brings. She is in love and hopes to find the right man to have a great life together”: Half Hollywood Life declared.

We love that Sel continues to believe in love! We are sure that soon you will find that charming boy who makes you sigh, or what do you think?


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