Selena Gomez's new boyfriend!
Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend!

Selena Gomez was seen this weekend again with the little brother of her friend Raquelle Stevens, with whom she has been dating for a few months. There is nothing very I suspect that they commit to both, but they have left frequently together lately, and that leaves us with the doubt.

This weekend they were seen together with other friends in Los Angeles very happy, many claim that they are only great friends, but we all suspect something, since many famous relationships always start like this. As they start to leave together, then the encounters start to be more constant and then they are caked kissing around or they end up confirming the romance, always leaving a suspense in the air.

So it was with Justin Bieber and Hailey for example that they are now madly passionate. It would be great if this happened to Selena too, she deserves a new love now after a time alone. To forget the relationship of his beloved past Justin, but the truth is that it seems that he does not care about Justin anymore, and that he has already overcome him.

The boy for whom he does not know is called Caleb Stevens, they started dating according to rumors from a concert that were Taylor Swift a few months ago. The two were seen coming out of the concert together, and from there they are constantly seeing each other… Do you believe, is it romance or just friendship?

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