Selena Gomez seeing Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez seeing Justin Bieber

When Selena Gomez sees pictures of Justin Bieber with other girls, she gets super bad!

Although Sel is the one who has made the decision not to continue with Justin, it is said that she is not ready to see him go ahead with other girls, because according to Hollywood Life, Selena gets very bad when she sees pictures of Justin accompanied by Other girls, the star has had to resort to her friends to stay strong!

Selena still reacts when she sees pictures of Justin with other girls, her emotions are very complicated when it comes to Justin, yes, she chose not to be with him, but she still hates to think about him with other girls, literally the one with the stomach. he will love Justin, although he knows that the time is not right and that they should not be together, seeing him with his arms around other women, it hurts his heart to know that they can not be together and to see him smile with someone else hurts.

His friends are hypervigilant when it comes to protecting Selena from things that could discourage her, so she was warned about the images that had just come out (of Justin in Turks and Caicos surrounded by girls) so he would not have to see them. They filter the internet for her to protect it, she is incredibly sweet and she is very lucky to have such a careful tribe of girls taking care of her. They are a big part of the reason why he is able to stay strong and not rush towards Justin. Fulfilling their weapons in this break is a daily struggle. He still has many moments in which all he wants is to talk to Justin, but until now he did not give up and he has to thank his good friends for that: Secure the medium.

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Woow! We love the incredible support system with which Selena counts, we know that a break is not easy, especially when it comes to the love of your life, we are sure that your BFF will do everything possible because your heart will soon heal.

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