Selena Gomez and the diamonds of more than 409 thousand pesos
Selena Gomez and the diamonds of more than 409 thousand pesos

Using almost half a million pesos… although it would not seem it! This was the look of Selena Gomez at the premiere of her most recent movie, Hotel Transylvania 3, where she not only hit with an outfit almost identical to one that Meghan Markle used, but for her discreet – but rather expensive – jewelry.

The famous 25-year-old decided to follow the real steps of the now Duchess of Sussex, by choosing a white coordinated with blue floral details to shine in this event, made up of a crop top as well as a skirt with a high-heeled shot of Oscar de la Income, which immediately became a theme of all networks to be almost identical to one that Meghan used at a wedding. To complement her look, Selena wore silver sandals with heels and inlays of Miu Miu, giving her a touch of the most sophisticated and feminine to her dress.

However, the cherry on the cake of this look were the two jewels she wore, which despite being quite discreet, gave the singer the most glam and luxurious touch. The first were platinum earrings with diamonds of 2.39 carats from the firm Tiffany & Co., which have a cost of approximately 228 thousand 760 pesos.

And the other piece is a necklace in the shape of a cross with diamonds embedded in the same brand, which has a cost of 181 thousand 123 and certainly occupies a special place in the closet of the singer, it almost never separates from it, adding the -any modest- amount of 409 thousand 883 pesos. Of course, with this, Selena shows that perfection is in the detail and in the jewels you wear! Or what do you think?

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