Google Maps is a free application that helps you find your way and find the quickest ways to get from point A to point B: your map is often listed in the “contact” page of the websites to allow users to locate the store or the company… and via the Street View option, it’s as if you were there! Especially with its 360-degree views!

Taken regularly, these images are realities captured by Google cars, equipped with a mast with a camera end.

Will Someone Help This Dog?!

At The Boarding!!!

I Asked For A Two-wheeler For Christmas!

The Beautiful Breakaway!

Google Streetview finds escaped prisoner
Google Streetview finds escaped prisoner

A Superhero Who Has Worked Too Much?

No, No It’s Not A Big Cat…

Google Has Found The Twins Of Shining!

A Beautiful Crash, mmortalized By Google!

But Where Does This Arrow Lead?

Who Says New York Police Are Never Happy?

She Thought She Was Alone On The Beach…

Google Has Blurred The Cow’s Face To Preserve Her Privacy!

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