Home Health Seated stretches to release physical and mental tension

Seated stretches to release physical and mental tension

Seated stretches release mental physical tension
Seated stretches release mental physical tension

When we spend several hours working sitting in front of the computer, we can feel some discomfort not only physical, but also mental. Being for a long time focused on a single task and in the same posture, can also weaken emotions. Therefore, we propose a series of stretches that not only release the tensions of your body, but also help you reconnect with yourself.

The need to disconnect

If you are the one who spends a lot of hours sitting, you should start introducing a series of stretches. These will help you to release the muscular tension accumulated by the posture and the back pains that you may be suffering; especially in the lumbar and cervical area. But that is not all. Give pause and focus for a few minutes on breathing, be aware of stretching and reconnect, it is essential to achieve wellness and perform as much as possible. Go ahead and try this series of stretches! You can do them several times throughout the day. You will notice how your mood improves and your capacity for concentration and in addition, will provide you with the necessary tools to face the setbacks.

3 Stretches to give pause at work

  • Sit in the chair’s chair. The soles of the feet are supported on the floor and the legs are separated at the width of the hips. Concentrate on the activation of your abdomen and pay attention to the movement of your ribs when breathing deeply. If it helps you, you can take your hands over them to notice how the air expands. When you are 100% focused on your breathing, bring your elongated arms to the ceiling, take a breath, and when you let go, round your back and let your body fall forward. The arms descend open at the same time as the body, until they reach the ground and are relaxed, without tension. The neck is released, without exerting any force. Hold for a few seconds, undo the posture and repeat 3 times, slowly, being aware of the work of your body.
  • He sits comfortably in the chair. Lengthen the spine and do not bend the lumbar, keep the ribs closed. Next, take a breath and lift your shoulders strongly towards the ceiling. Hold the tension and, releasing the air, let them fall. Repeat 3 times. Next, perform 5 shoulder rotations forward, and 5 more by changing the direction.
  • Cross the right leg on the left, and twist the column to the same leg you have crossed, that is, the right. Try to hold the back of the chairs with both hands. Hold a few seconds and change legs. Repeat it 3 times on each side.
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When you are finished, you will feel freer physically and clearer at the mental level. It is very important that during the minutes that the routine lasts, try to focus on the breathing and relax, instead of continuing to turn to work issues, otherwise it will not be effective.


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