PornHub Star Wars and Avengers
PornHub Star Wars and Avengers

If you had to choose between Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and Thor’s hammer, which one do you prefer? Who do you find more attractive, Princess Leia or Black Widow? If you still have not decided, do not worry, thousands of people are in the same situation, and to show a button: the searches of Avengers and Star Wars characters on PornHub have skyrocketed in the last days and hours.

For being May 4 we will start with the Star Wars data on PornHub, since some fans of the characters that live in a very, very distant gala celebrate in private the so called Star Wars Day.

According to PornHub, every May 4, searches for adult videos inspired by the characters created by George Lucas are triggered.

The three most searched terms are: Princess Leia, Star Wars Parody and Star Wars XXX; however, the most popular searches are: lightsaber, Star Wars Sex and Ashoka Tano.

Statistics on Star Wars searches on PornHub establish that men are 59% more likely to search for these types of videos, while iOS has the biggest consumers of galactic porn, while Windows is the queen on desktop computers.

How is the Avengers doing?

As of last April 27, the date on which Infinity War was released, surfers have not only searched for their favorite Star Wars characters but they have also taken flight to the hilacha, looking for other superheroes, such as the Avengers.

Searches of Avengers porn parodies skyrocketed 356% since the premiere of the tape, according to PornHub.

Porn site statistics indicate that, obviously, Black Widow is the most sought after, followed by Spider-Man, Captain America and the mighty Hulk; However, when analyzing the searches made by men and women, the results change.

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The superheroes preferred by women are Captain America, Black Panther, Thor and Loki, while men are more inclined to Black Widow, Scarlett Witch and Gamora.

The telltale fact is that Pornhub indicates that women are 28% more likely to look for the term “Avengers” than men. Pilliiiinas!

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