Social networks affect your happiness
Social networks affect your happiness

Did you happen to check your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter timeline and suddenly you find a publication that lowers your spirits? Or have you quarreled with someone because of some comment or photo on social networks? You are not the only one!

Although social networks help us to be in contact with the people we love and do not have close, it also takes us away from what is really happening and from the people around us.

Moreover, it is proven that the use of social networks can be related to unhappiness, because studies show that the more time you spend in your profiles, your happiness levels decrease over time.

Did you know that people who spend more time checking their social networks and updating them are 2.7 more likely to have depression?

This means that although that girl who is super jealous because apparently she has the perfect life, since she spends her bragging on Facebook or Instagram, she may actually spend her mega sad all the time.

Remember that true happiness is in real life, close to the people who love you, do not change them for a digital world!

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