Murchar Belly Food
Murchar Belly Food

If you exercise regularly and drink large amounts of water but constantly experience a swelling sensation from the time you wake up to the end of the day, you may be abusing some foods that promote inflammation in the belly region. What are some of the foods you need to quit if you want to deflate faster? Here we show you.

Foods to avoid that cause swelling

Refined carbohydrates

They are found in wheat flour breads, pastas, pizza and the like. They do not have dietary fiber, they cause a feeling of being full all the time and they hinder the diet because they contain only empty calories.


Besides being considered one of the greatest villains of health, when consumed in excess, it retains liquids . This causes abdominal swelling and stomach fullness, which will generate discomfort.


The combination of barley and beer sugar causes abdominal swelling, compromises the metabolism and its foam can cause discomfort in the belly.

Soft drinks

Unlike soft drinks, carbonated water does not make you fat. However, both can cause gastric discomfort and abdominal swelling for a long period.


They are a good source of protein but it is also a food that can cause swellingand greatly increase the production of intestinal gas.


Like broccoli, cauliflower also increases gas production and generates gastric discomfort, in addition to abdominal swelling.


Like any type of high-fat food, fried foods reduce the rate of digestion, weigh on the stomach and compromise the health of the skin and diet.

Milk and its derivatives

Those who do not have the habit of consuming milk and its derivatives, in addition to those who suffer from lactose intolerance, may feel discomfort and abdominal swelling even after drinking only a glass of milk or yogurt.

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If you say no to these foods, you will surely see that your stomach is deflating and the diet that cost so much sacrifice to begin to begin to bear fruit.

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