Save Cooking Time
Save Cooking Time

Living alone or being independent has many advantages, but when it comes to cooking you always miss coming home and having the food made. Many times you come back late from work and you see that you have the fridge empty. The solution is to start cooking, throw food at home or fill a bowl with cereals, right?

You will agree that this form of feeding is not the healthiest and that, in addition, it is quite expensive to maintain. To put an end to laziness and win time to time, we show you what the Batch Cooking or Meal Prep method is.

Cook fewer days a week

If your problem is that you are too lazy to cook before leaving home or when you arrive, with this method you will only use a couple of days a week. Yes, you will get tired of cooking, but I assure you that it is quite comforting not to worry about touching the kitchen again the rest of the days.
In addition to anticipating all your menus in advance, you will avoid leaving your healthy diet. It is quite common that we want certain foods by pure craving or gula, so having prepared food will force us to stick to the plan we had prepared.

It is no longer just to avoid wasting time putting on cooking, but rather to wash the kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery daily.

Dishes can last up to 4 days

It is true that the dishes do not have to be too elaborate, but it will force you to consume fresh products, you will save money, you will not waste your food and you will have your plate on the table whenever you want.

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It is advisable to have several tuppers available, preferably glass and keep them in the fridge without fear of the food becoming bad. They usually last about three or four days in perfect condition, so you’ll have to be the one to give priority to one type of food or another. Also, everything will depend on the day of the week that you prefer to cook; In my case I always prefer Sundays, which is my day of rest and I can dedicate it to me.

You become more efficient

Has not that happened to you that you make a homemade tomato sauce and you have enough? Or to put the oven to cook only one dish? With this method you not only take advantage of all the ingredients, but you also save time cooking several dishes at the same time. In the oven you can cook some cookies while you grind vegetables, for example; or cook more rice and legumes for several days; or peel all the vegetables followed…

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