Sarah Hyland red Carpet Emmy
Sarah Hyland red Carpet Emmy

Sarah Hyland, who has been playing the Dunphy’s eldest daughter in the ‘Modern Family’ sitcom since 2009, shared a photograph on her Instagram on July 4, showing the scars of her last operation with the hashtag #scarsondisplay ( which could be translated as “scars on display”).

The actress was hospitalized on June 18, although it was not until the 22nd when she shared a selfie with her followers taking advantage of the National Selfie Day, where she could be appreciated with her face swollen and sharing the following message: “sometimes a selfie It is more than a good angle or feeling beautiful, this time, by #NationalSelfieDay I have decided to share my truth, as painful as it is, so here is my face, I was cut off from my work against my will. grateful that this will happen, health always comes first.”

Although the reasons why the actress was hospitalized are not known, as her message implied, everything happened during the filming of her latest film, ‘The Wedding Year’, and according to People’s sources it was given on the 23rd. Next to the photo of her scar, she has also shared her evolution in social networks, with inspirational messages such as “The mantra of Monday: Be patient, be good, be free, do not stress, do not give You turn to things, I just know.”

The words of her boyfriend

Her partner, Wells Adams, who is in the midst of filming in Mexico of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, did not take long to hang a photo next to her at the time she was hospitalized, in a snapshot accompanied by the words “I miss her a lot. of less, soon I will return to house dear” . Sarah Hyland, who continues to recover, had already gone through other health problems in the past: in 2012 she underwent a kidney transplant.

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We will return to see it on the small screen this fall, with the premiere of the new episodes of ‘Modern Family’.

Curiosities of ‘Modern Family’

1The “fool” ready

As fans of the series will know, actor Nolan Gould plays the son of the Dunphy family: Luke. From him we can say that it is fun, but not especially brilliant intellectually speaking. However, Gould has nothing to do with his character in that aspect, since, since he was four years old, he is a member of the gifted organization Mensa.

2Secondary Solidarity

From the first moment, the actors seem to have formed a fantastic group, and they really enjoy working on the series. That is why, already in the first season, they made a pact so that there would be no tension afterwards. The interpreters said that, if they were nominated for prizes, it would always be secondary, and never as protagonists.

3Problems with your mother

Ariel Winter got her role as Alex Dunphy when she was only 11 years old, and her mother always accompanied her to the recording set. However, his companions began to complain that the mother was always criticizing the weight and performances of the actress and wanted him to stop attending the shootings. In 2012, Winter left home legally, after physical and emotional abuse by her mother and, in 2016, the actress completely disassociated herself from her parents.

5Own experience

Mitchell has a father who, over time, can not fully accept that his son is gay, and he has to be reminded several times. It turns out that, oddly enough, that recurring joke is based on the personal experience of actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He told the scriptwriters and they thought it could work well in fiction.

6Colando to “friends”

Sarah Hyland never seems to have forgotten her own, and she has always tried to help them in everything she could. Especially in continuing to promote their careers as actors. That is why two of her ex-boyfriends have appeared in the series: Matt Prokop and Dominic Sherwood. Curiously, both played children who liked his sister in fiction: Alex Dunphy.

7A “mockumentary” not explained

Those who have ever seen this series will know that it is a kind of documentary, of which we know nothing, in which the characters speak to the camera at times. However, in one of the original ideas, an explanation was going to be given about it. It was assumed that a Swedish film director, who was an exchange student at Phil’s house, was filming a documentary about the American family.

8Wrong decision

Although later it would end up having a paper in the series, to the actor Rob Huebel was offered to him the roll of Phil Dunphy and, by the reasons that were, it rejected it. However, Huebel has subsequently admitted in several interviews that he regrets his decision. Craig T. Nelson also rejected a role in the show: that of Jay Pritchett.

10Actresses in the shade

Although we are now very familiar with the actress who plays the daughter of Cam and Mitchell, the truth is that she was not always responsible for putting herself in his shoes. And, in the first two seasons, Lily was played by the Hiller twins: Ella and Jaden. However, his work was not recognized in the credits of the series.


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