Unveils new smartphone
Unveils new smartphone

Tlways well ahead of smartphone sales worldwide, Samsung has nevertheless declined from 22% of its turnover related to mobile devices in the second quarter.

A disappointment he attributed to the disappointing sales of his Galaxy S9 model, launched in March. The intensification of competition from Chinese equipment manufacturers, led by Huawei, also explains this slowdown.

The Galaxy Note 9, introduced Thursday and will be available for sale August 24, contains a series of improvements and novelties.

The manufacturer has strengthened the memory, with a first version at 128 gigabytes, but also at 512 GB.

It will soon be possible to add an extension, bringing the capacity to a terabyte (TB), never seen for a smartphone.

The South Korean giant has also improved the capabilities of its batteries, which can now hold a whole day without being recharged, he says, regardless of the use that is made of it.

Samsung has also developed the capabilities of the stylus, a trademark of the Note model.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, it can be used as a remote control, including triggering the smartphone remotely to take a picture.

The world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips has also boosted the performance of its latest model for video games.

To attract fans of games, he has secured the temporary exclusive on smartphone of the game of the moment, Fortnite .

The most expensive in the world

According to several specialized media, the Galaxy Note 9 should be the most expensive consumer smartphone in the world, in its 512 GB version.

Its price will be $ 1250 in the United States, against $ 1000 for the 128 GB version, more than the iPhone X in its 256 GB version, sold around $ 1150.

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“There is nothing radical in this,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst at GlobalData, about what’s new in Galaxy Note 9.

“It’s a very expensive phone that will attract consumers looking for a high-end Android smartphone, but it’s unlikely to drive people to consider buying a Note for the first time,” he said. -he adds.

For him, the changes made by Apple on the iPhone X compared to previous models were more important and have justified its price in the eyes of fans of the brand to the apple.

“Samsung did what it had to do,” said Patrick Moorhead, analyst and founder of the firm Moor Insights.

For him, the innovations presented by the equipment manufacturer are “very distinct” from the characteristics of its competitors and stand out Note 9 much more than the S9.

During the presentation, Samsung also showed its first speaker virtual assistant functions, a market on which the South Korean was previously absent.

For Patrick Moorhead, “Samsung had to do something” in this area.

“In the United States, Alexa [of Amazon] and Google Assistant are very established,” he said, “so it could be complicated, but it is less the case in the rest of the world.”

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