Samsung launches an update for its Emoji ARs
Samsung launches an update for its Emoji ARs

When we tested the Samsung Emoji AR one thing was clear to us, and that is that they are very far from the animojis of Apple in terms of accuracy. However, the positive thing is that they let us customize our avatar so that it resembled us and, above all, they were much easier to share.

Samsung has announced an update for its animated avatars that aims to improve its greatest lack, the poor mapping that reproduces unnatural movements. But also the firm is preparing a complete editor of AR Emojis so we can get an avatar as close to us as possible.

Accuracy and customization

It has taken (remember that the S9 were announced in March), but Samsung is already preparing an update to improve their animated avatars. As we said, one of its main objectives will be to improve the mapping, specifically the signature indicates that reference points have been increased by 65%. The result is yet to be seen, but it points to more natural movements especially in parts such as mouth and eyes, which is where deficiencies are most noticeable.

The second novelty will be the editor of emojis, a section where you can customize each element of the face, and even the shape of it. Currently you can only choose two options (realistic or more ‘cartoon’) but does not let us change the features, so the avatar does not seem too much. The video shows how there will be new tools to refine the resemblance to the maximum. The update has already reached some markets but has not yet been extended globally.

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