Samsung hires an NVIDIA veteran
Samsung hires an NVIDIA veteran

Samsung is one of the undisputed leaders in the semiconductor sector but despite having their own Exynos chipsets, for the GPU they still made use of ARM’s work with the Mali graphics.

A few weeks ago we broke the news that the next Samsung GPU will have its own production. Now we know more details of this S-GPU and Samsung’s project to develop its own GPU.

Through GFXSpeak we know that Samsung has hired Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, a graphics industry veteran who worked at NVIDIA for the development of nForce chipsets, has helped MediaTek in its own graphics project and is the VP of engineering from NovuMind, a startup focused on chips with artificial intelligence.

Chien-Ping Lu, a veteran of NVIDIA to lead the development of the S-GPU

The veteran engineer was one of those who helped NVIDIA win the battle against Intel in the integrated graphics chips and ended in a payment of 1,500 million dollars to his company. Recently Chien-Ping Lu has been collaborating with MediaTek to develop its own GPU, but the company decided for unknown reasons to cancel the project.

This situation leads Samsung to hire him to lead the SGPU project. Work began at Samsung’s facilities in Suwon while researching the VLIW architecture. This has its applications in artificial intelligence and graphics processing, where Chien-Ping Lu has several patents.

Now the teams of Austin and San Jose are working together to create a GPU that on paper should offer great performance and rival the current works of Apple, Nvidia or Qualcomm .

The objective of this Samsung-own GPU is to compete in terms of performance and power consumption with the current developments of Qualcomm and Apple.

Contrary to what was anticipated, this GPU could be designed from scratch and end up offering great performance in graphics, games and enhance aspects such as resolution, 3D rendering and power consumption of virtual reality. All of them aspects that require a first level GPU and for which this SGPU would be prepared.

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When will we see it? That is still a mystery. However, all the rumors point to the Samsung Galaxy S10, a terminal on which all eyes are focused and which will presumably come with the release of a large number of proprietary, new and innovative technologies. We will have to wait for that at the end of the year so that these works will be finalized and more details will appear.

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