Safari in macOS Mojave
Safari in macOS Mojave


These days, after installing the first beta of macOS Mojave I decided to reinstall all the applications I use every day, as well as secondary tools such as Safari extensions. When trying to install the extension for Safari 1Password… surprise, macOS Mojave no longer allows to install any extension that does not come from the Mac App Store.

As with the applications, Apple allows different levels of security when installing extensions in Safari, or rather allowed. From macOS Mojave the installation of unidentified extensions is not allowed anymore, not even those of identified developers. You can only install Safari extensions that come from the Mac App Store.

More security for the user, but with a tremendously reduced catalog

This change in macOS Mojave means that automatically only the extensions that we have downloaded from the Mac App Store and that have therefore been verified by Apple will have access to our browser. A huge security step, because the extensions are one of the most sensitive points because they practically have access to all our browsing data, including passwords and private data at times.

Any security improvement in our operating systems is welcome. The problem in this case is the drastic change that does not allow the use of third-party extensions not published in the Mac App Store. Currently, if we look at the catalog of extensions available in the Mac App Store, it is literally limited to 43 extensions. Hopefully, during the next few weeks and before the official arrival of MacOS Mojave in the fall, we will see how popular and reliable extensions migrate to the Mac App Store.

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