Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

If there is something that characterizes the actor Ryan Reynolds is his humor and irony, both in his professional and personal life. Not in vain is known for having brought to the big screen comic characters like Deadpool and the constant jokes he exchanges with his wife on social networks, Blake Lively.

But all that humor would be nothing more than a mechanism of self-defense and of releasing tension that the actor developed from a very young age to face the anxiety he suffered. This was revealed by Reynolds himself in an interview with Mr. Porter magazine.

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“My father was a very hard guy, and that, for many things, is fantastic, his problem is that he was also with us, I do not want anyone to take this as the typical tear-jerk story, because everyone has a backpack very heavy behind his back and I’m not different from anyone in that aspect, but growing up in my house was not something relaxing or simple and I know that, throughout my life, has caused me to deal with the anxiety of many and very different ways, “the actor confessed.

A feature he shares with his other three older brothers: “My brothers and I are very, very close and we all share a little of that kind of humor together.” As a young man he scored an improvisation group at school and originally had the intention of dedicating himself professionally to comedy.

To this day he has a “nauseous reflex”, as he himself describes, to not stop responding with quick phrases to everything. “I look for the joke in things so as not to look for sadness and pain,” he said.

However, he could never say goodbye at all to that annoying sense of uneasiness. “I tend to get depressed a lot and I have some problems with anxiety and things like that,” she said. Another system to get rid of melancholy is to exercise on a daily basis, usually running or with light weights. “Otherwise, I start to feel a little bad, for me it’s more psychological, exercise is a means of expelling those demons,” he said.

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But his positivism helped him turn his suffering into something positive: he turns self-doubt into a creative impulse. “I would not want it on anyone, but anxiety is also a great fuel. I mean, my God, it’s the pill against complacency, but it’s also something you have to control, “he said.

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