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Running, follow these tips and do not pond

Running tips Don't you ponds
Running tips Don’t you ponds

When we start in the exciting world of running, we do it with all our weapons. We start little by little so that our body gets used to it, we use comfortable clothes, we hydrate properly… Progressively we acquire the rhythm and our resistance allows us to endure a longer time. Everything is on our side. We are authentic runners!

And it is that when we have already adapted to the race, we do it super motivated, because we know that we feel comfortable and that’s when, as time goes by, we start to fail the odd day. Suddenly the commitment to practice is delayed and we no longer feel so excited. If it has happened to you, do not worry. It is not that laziness has overcome you, nor that you are not strong enough to continue advancing. Simply, you have stalled.And this is the most normal thing in the world when we do not have new objectives to meet, nor wider challenges to cover. Here are some tips so you can end the monotony of running. And is that, if you already have enough with your work routine, the last thing you need is for the sport to become an activity to do with regret. Physical exercise, besides being essential for health, is fun, liberation and enthusiasm.

Tips for not getting bored running

Change the schedule

If you usually go out in the late afternoon, try to find a hole early in the morning, at dawn. Maybe it’s hard for you to get up early and to combine it with work, I suppose a great effort. But if you think you can make it possible, try, even for a short period of time. Thus the fact of going out to run will be something new. When the alarm goes off, you get dressed and you face the march of good morning, maybe you will discover new sensations. In the same way if you are one of those who do running in the morning, you can change it at the end of the day and see how the sun goes down on you.

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Change route

It is normal to get bored, if you always do the same route. Change, meet other terrains, test yourself. One day, face the sand on the beach or the slope of the mountain. Make the route in reverse or go to that new park you’ve never been to. Surely, although you are now thinking that you have no alternatives, you have them. Give it imagination!

Combine with other activities

Why do not you try to vary your training? Instead of going out five times a week to run, or every day, alternate with another activity. What do you think about two days of running and two days of swimming? There are so many things you can do to spark your routine that, once you start, you can not stop discovering.

Other ways to end the monotony of running

  • Find information about specific trainings for runners, such as HIIT workouts with high intensity intervals.
  • Play with the unevenness. Go to places where there are hills and play to the law of maximum effort.
  • Find a group to run with if you usually do it alone; Or go out alone, from time to time, if you usually accompany.


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