Demi Lovato is awake after alleged overdose
Demi Lovato is awake after alleged overdose

Demi Lovato was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles after an alleged heroin overdose.

TMZ reports that the singer was transported from her Hollywood Hills home to an undisclosed medical center shortly before noon on Tuesday. A police source confirmed that the overdose occurred in Lovato’s house and that she was found unconscious before she was provided with Narcan, cites the Daily Mail. According to UsWeekly, the Narcan, which is used to reverse an overdose of opiates, had one of the singer’s friends in case something like this happened. ”

“Her friends knew that this would happen because she had been taking a lot of drugs again, they were up all night,” a source told UsWeekly. ‘Fortunately, the Narcan worked and she will recover.’

It was reported that the singer’s mother, Dianna De La Garza, is with her.

Demi’s aunt, Kerissa Dunn, posted on social media Tuesday afternoon that the 25-year-old is “awake and receptive,” TMZ said, and also asked fans to pray for the singer. However, it seems that the publications have been eliminated.

TMZ then reported that sources close to the singer of Truely Do not Care said that the overdose was not caused by heroin.

The source did not reveal what drug Demi took, however, she had previously had problems with cocaine and Oxycontin addictions.

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