What not to do when you meet your ex
What not to do when you meet your ex

At the least expected moment, in the most recondite place on the planet, you can find it and get it right.

Here are the 8 things you should not do:

1. Put faces: It is difficult to control body language, but when you run into your ex, try not to make faces, gestures of amazement or something similar, I might think that you still move the mat or that you love it!

2. Zero violence: Damn! I leave you for another, he spoke ill of you and he stayed with your favorite jacket. Do not complain, or throw a punch. Even if you die of desire to do that and more, you must maintain your dignity intact.

3. Do not do the disguised: Did you go well with your ex? Say hello to that boy who was important in your life. Do not ignore yourself, like you’re looking for something in the sky, on the floor or you need to get something out of your bag. Nothing worse than the attitude of “I do not know you”.

4. Go down to the hot: If you find your ex when you are with your new conquest… do not exaggerate the signs of love by kissing and caressing him as if there were no tomorrow! Be discreet, you do not have to rub her that you’re better without him.

5. Look at me now: If you know that you are going to meet your ex in a meeting, do not try to call his attention at any cost, with an exaggerated look, spoken with rudeness or laughing at a volume of 120 decibels, just be yourself !

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6. Do not run to escape him: Keep the same position in which he found you and, if anything, just take a few steps.

7. Review your speech for when you find it: It may be that one day you say it or that the moment never comes, but it is better to be prepared.

What not to do when you meet your ex
What not to do when you meet your ex

8. Do not cry: That is the worst emotional shock that you should make evident if you find it.

Do not let this meeting affect you, you can with this and more!

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