Red tea to lose weight
Red tea to lose weight

Among the many properties of red tea, the one that stands out the most is losing weight. That is why red tea to lose weight is becoming more used by many people and has studies that support its great ability to lose weight.

This tea, also known as pu-erh, is valued for its power to make us lose a few kilos of more. Eliminate fats and with it causes us a decrease in blood cholesterol, another of its good qualities.

In the University of Yunnan, in China, they did a study in which they saw that drinking 3 to 4 cups a day of red tea, and depending on the person’s overweight, could even lose 9 kilos per month just for tea red to lose weight.

At the Paris Saint Antoine Hospital they could see how 88% of those who underwent the study lost 3 to 10 kilograms. Even without changing their diet many of them lose weight the same. It’s worth trying, is not it? Let’s see more…

The properties of red tea to lose weight

The red tea to lose weight, has some properties that all of them make you lose fat and thin. These properties are the following:

  • Acceleration of basal metabolism
  • It makes you burn your body fat
  • It is diuretic, eliminates fluid accumulation
  • It helps in the hepatic metabolism, it works accelerated and it eliminates fat.
  • It is digestive, after eating it helps us in digestion.
  • It is antioxidant.

Fat Burning Effect

One of the most important properties that red tea has to lose weight is its property of fat burning. Red tea is one of the best fat burners that exist today, and this is because it has the ability to act on the liver metabolism.

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It helps to purify the organism, and thus it facilitates the process of being able to lose weight in a short time. For digestion, especially with fatty foods, helps burn those fats that are not beneficial to our body, in addition to being antioxidant, detoxifying, cleansing and a great reinforcement of the immune system.

Ways to drink red tea to lose weight

We have several ways to drink red tea to lose weight. We can take ice cream (ideal for summer), in shakes such as taking red tea mixed with a strawberry shake, we can also take it as an infusion or for those who do not like infusions, they can take it in pill form.

Do you want to lose weight? Take an infusion before going to sleep
Do you want to lose weight? Take an infusion before going to sleep

Contraindications of red tea

Although it has more beneficial properties, it must be said that red tea has some contraindication that you should know:

  • If you drink more than 5 cups a day, due to caffeine, you may suffer headaches, nervousness, difficulty in sleep, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremors, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions or confusion.
  • Increases blood pressure, so if you are hypertensive moderate your consumption.
  • If you mix it with grapefruit it increases the plasma levels of caffeine.
  • Mixing it with milk affects the absorption of iron from other foods.

When to avoid taking red tea

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • People with coagulation disorders
  • If you have irritable bowel syndrome

In these cases we should avoid taking it or reducing it to at most one a day.

The red tea for weight loss is very good, it has the property burning fat, making it a great ally in weight loss diets and we can lose weight just by taking it.


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