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Records made by robots

Whether in space or on our planet, here we have the most incredible records carried out by robots.

Robots Records
Robots Records

Since our existence on this planet, Homo Sapiens has developed a technology that adapts to their needs and facilitates their day to day. Over the years, these innovations have become more sophisticated and intelligent . Now, in what some consider to be the full technological age, robots have the capacity (granted by humans) to perform actions that even their creators are not able to carry out. Faced with such situations, it is inevitable to think, who is better than whom? The human or the machine?

The truth is that since man saw the opportunity to use machines instead of labor, a revolutionary development began. Centuries ago, the greatest existing technology could be a spear whose tip would allow hunting larger animals or with a thicker skin. When the Industrial Revolution arrived, this evolutionary concept gave a radical change, leading humanity to one of the greatest transformations of a social, economic, cultural and, of course, technological nature.

The steam engine, the electric bulb, the telephone, the first plane, etc., have been the antecedents of a scenario in which there are practically no limits. The development of technology has improved the quality of life of people and its different applications have been reflected in all possible areas (science, medicine, urban planning…).

Although without human merit their existence would not be possible, robots alone have become the recipients of a large number of recognitions. These, and not its creators, have positioned themselves as the true protagonists on different occasions. There are even different categories for these machines in competitions as popular as Guinness World Records. Year after year, creators and machines are being overcome so that the latter achieve worldwide success. And whether in space or on our planet, in this gallery we have some of the most incredible records carried out by robots.

1The first companion robot in space

The Japanese humanoid robot Kirobo, set two Guinness records at the same time: on the one hand, it became the first companion robot in space to get on the International Space Station (ISS) on August 9, 2013 and, on the other hand, the one of the robot that had a conversation (with  Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata) at a higher altitude in history, 414.2km above sea level, on December 7, 2013. Kirobo remained 18 months in the ISS.

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2The robot that has solved the Rubik’s cube faster

Although there are many robots that have tried to get up with the fastest resolution of this scientific toy (among human competitors Collin Burns is the fastest with only 5.25 seconds), it was CubeStormer 3 who managed to win the long-awaited Guinness record. Solved the Rubik’s cube in just 3,253 seconds last March, 2014.

3The longest trip of an unmanned vehicle

Developed by Liquid Robotics, the Wave Glider Robot holds this record. It is an autonomous aquatic robot, of a hybrid nature (it uses solar energy and wave energy to feed its sensors and move) and also uses Linux as an operating system. This robot covered 14,703 kilometers crossing the Pacific Ocean.

4The first robot that killed a human

The security is a major concern, especially with industrial robots. Fortunately, fatal accidents do not usually occur and those that happen are due to a human error rather than a failure of the robot itself. The first human who died at the hands of a robot was Robert Williams, who worked in a Ford Motor Company and factory. He died in January 1979 when he accessed a shared storage compartment with a robotic arm.

5The first nanny robot

This is PaPeRo or (Partner type Personal Robot), developed by NEC. These robots are designed for maximum interaction with humans and especially to take care of children, since they can sing, dance, turn… It has a vocabulary of 3,000 words and reacts to touch through nine sensors. Papero became in 2013 the first nanny robot with this very friendly appearance.

6The longest distance traveled by a quadruped robot

In 2015, Xingzhe Nº1 or Walker One, developed by the Chingquing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China) managed to beat the record of distance of a robot without any assistance or battery recharge. He managed to cover 134,04 kilometers in 54 hours inside an athletics track. It gave him time to give 1,405 laps between October 24 and 27, 2015 until his energy ran out. Walker One has managed to overcome with growing the previous record set in 65 kilometers by the robot Ranger of the University of Cornell (USA).

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7The first restaurant with robots

The robot kitchen ( Robot Kitchen ), a restaurant opened in July 2006 in Hong Kong, China, with several robots able to take orders from customers and deliver their orders or meals. A third robot would serve as a cook, for simple culinary tasks, of course, such as preparing tortillas or cooking hamburgers.

8The strongest robot arm

It is about Fanuc M-2000iA / 1200, a robot with an impressive load capacity: 1,200 kilograms. According to Guinness World Records this robot is currently the strongest in the world (the previous record was set at 1,000 kgs), a record that is clear that as it evolves and improves our technology, it will be broken again.

9The first humanoid robot

In 1937 Elektro was born, considered the first human-looking robot in history. Its structure was very robust because it measured 2 meters high and weighed approximately 120 kg. Elektro had the ability to walk on orders, through voice recognition and also recognized about 700 words. His success was such that he came to appear in films like Sex Kittens Go to College or Beauty and the Robot. Currently, it is owned by the Memorial Museum of Mansfield (England).

10The largest number of robots dancing simultaneously

The Chinese company WL Intelligent Tech established a world dance record with the highest number of robots dancing simultaneously. 1,007 robots completed this record in a total time of 60 seconds of dancing, in the middle of the Qingdao Beer Festival, in the city of Shandong. This mark surpassed that of the Chinese company UBTECH Robotics Corp, which had the previous record with 540 robots.

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11The most advanced humanoid robot in the world

Sophia is the name of what is currently considered the most advanced robot in the world. It was created and activated in 2015 by the company of Hanson Robotics. Its main function is to learn and adapt to human behavior and work with them. It is a computer platform and its programmers have given it a compassionate and affectionate personality. Sophia has more than 40 individual engines and more than 62 facial expressions.

12The first robot that teaches to play ping-pong

A robot designed by another Japanese company, in this case Omron, achieved the Guinness Record as the first robotic ping-pong teacher in the world. The award-winning, baptized as FORPHEUS, evaluates the abilities of a human player to adjust his game mode and advises his opponent to improve his technique.

13The first intelligent sexual android

In July 2017, the first intelligent sex robot in history was presented to the public. Harmony, which is the name it receives, is able to interpret feelings in the eyes of those who are observing it, learn the wishes of its owner and improve relationships with them.

14Guinness Record Jumping Rope

106 jumps in less than a minute have been enough to establish this new Guinness Record jump rope for a robot. Jumpen is the creation of the National Institute of Technology Nara College in Chiba (Japan) and presented his skills at the Robocon technology event in Tokyo.

15The first robot to have a citizenship

In addition to having the record in having the most advanced technology, in 2017 achieved a merit. In this case, he has managed to become the first robot to obtain a citizenship, in particular, that of Saudi Arabia. The robot itself publicly thanked the distinction that had been granted and said it was a historic moment.


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