Reasons to cook steam
Reasons to cook steam

Cook steamed is an excellent alternative to eating healthily. It is an ideal way to eat light and, in addition, it is the best technique to conserve nutrients from food. If you have not tried it yet, you should get into it. Learn to cook healthy, light and nutritious cooking.

How is steam cooking?

Using the steam technique, try to cook food through the steam released by the boiling water. The food in question should not touch the liquid, so it must be held above it. For this, we can put the food in a perforated bowl, over the pot containing the boiling water. Thus, the food is cooked little by little, allowing the conservation of its nutrients.

Advantages of steam cooking


To cook food under this method, it is not necessary to add oil, as in the case of the iron or any other alternative. For this reason, no more calories are added than the food itself. This fact makes it a basic in any type of weight loss diets.

Ease in the procedure

When we cook on the grill or in the pan, we always have to watch the process to turn the meat, fish, or prevent some vegetables from burning. The ease with which steam is cooked is another of its great advantages. Simply place the container on the pot with boiling water, cover, and leave it the required time. Easier, impossible!

Keep the flavor

Maybe you resist to try this resource because you do not trust the preservation of its flavor. And is that, if something is true, is that we should enjoy the food we eat. Well quiet, because the good news is that the taste is excellent . In the case of vegetables, for example, just add a splash of extra virgin olive oil and go. Unrivaled taste, simple, light and healthy.

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Do not suffer for your digestions

When we eat copious or fried products, we are making our digestive system work more to do its function correctly. Steaming, food, in addition to light and no added calories, are soft and soft. What we achieve with this, is to help our digestive system to do its job with greater ease.

Help your body to work and start steaming the kitchen in your routines.

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