Qualcomm continues the road to the 5G with new components
Qualcomm continues the road to the 5G with new components

The 5G is getting closer and Qualcomm already has the components to bring the new standard to our phones. Last year in October, they announced the first 5G modem named Qualcomm X50 and today they complement it with new components.

The new releases of Qualcomm are two modem-antenna components, these are the mmWave and sub-6 GHz RF antenna modules. With this launch, Qualcomm makes devices “especially smartphones, ready for large-scale commercialization”.

Qualcomm moves forward while continuing the regulation process

The arrival of 5G is closer, but the different countries still need to determine which bands will be used. In Spain we are in the process of auctioning which we expect to know results soon, but meanwhile Qualcomm is advancing positions with the arrival of these components that as we said will work with the X50 modem announced months ago.

Qualcomm has described the launch of milestone for the mobile industry, especially for the mmWave modules, a technology that until recently was considered too complex to integrate into mobile devices due to size and other requirements.

The QTM052 module supports up to 800 MHz and is designed to offer coverage in busy urban or populated urban areas, while the range of sub-6 Ghz modules are aimed at sparsely populated or rural areas. Qualcomm is already sending samples of its new antennas and it is expected to see the first phones prepared for the 5G at the beginning of 2019.

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