Prince Harry talked about having children
Prince Harry talked about having children

From the beginning, Harry and Meghan spoke to the press about the future in which they have children. The day they gave the interview after announcing their commitment, he said he could not wait to have heirs, but now he told us what his limit is.

The Prince is the most tender with the children, he is always willing to play with the little ones he finds in his official acts, as he also plays with his nephews. For this reason we can not wait for the Duchess to become pregnant, first because we need to see the perfect children they are going to have, and second because we need to see what Harry is like as a father.

The couple made their first official trip after getting married, and they went to Ireland. During his time in Dublin, some lucky people were able to talk to them. Elaine Adam-Stewart was one of the lucky ones, and told Prince Harry that her husband has red hair like him and they had five children.

Then he asked what we all wanted to know, “When are you and Meghan going to work on that?” “He laughed and said, ‘Five children? Too much'”, shared Elaine with People after the meeting.

As anxious as they were to get married, it took only six months to say yes after committing, it would not surprise us that soon Meghan appears pregnant! If five seem like many children, will they have three, like their brother?

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