Graduation the red carpet
Graduation the red carpet

Go out in search of the perfect dress, try on as many dresses as necessary until you find the one you like the most and make you feel comfortable, it does not matter if you end up under them like Lily Collins.

Look for shoes that combine with your dress and that are super comfortable, for nothing in the world you release them on the day of your graduation, Bella Hadid uses them several days before the big day to mold them and prevent their feet from ending up full of blisters

Remember that the accessories are the perfect complement to give the chic touch to your outfit, so follow the example of Sofia Reyes and do not rest until you find the ones that are perfect with your dress.

Like Lea Michele, ask your stylist to do a hairstyle test before the big day, so you can try several options and choose the one you like best.

The makeup is also super important, that’s why Vanessa Marano asks for a test before the big day, so you can select the tones that highlight her features, do not forget to tell the expert the color of your dress.

Your hands also have to look perfect, so do not forget the manicure, look for a tone that matches the color of your dress like Hailee Steinfeld.

Prepare the skin of your face for makeup, Williow Shields applies a mask to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells, so you’ll look radiant!

When the big day arrives, start to get ready early, so you will avoid the rush and you can take care of every detail to see you as perfect as Gigi Hadid in every red carpet you step on.

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