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Pregnancy is not a disease

We speak with the matron Alejandro Ojeda about pregnancy being a physiological stage in a woman's life, which must be watched but not sorry for living that process.

Pregnancy disease
Pregnancy disease

Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life that leads to many changes, both psychological and bodily. Normally all these changes occur physiologically, and although society, tend to perceive them as something negative on many occasions, igniting the alarm and giving the feeling of constant danger. Nothing is further from reality: the woman is prepared for all these changeswhich only respond to normal process of an innate female body. Basically it happens for three main reasons: the correct development of the intrauterine baby, the moment of delivery and a satisfactory motherhood.

Although it is sometimes difficult to accept all the symptoms that occur during pregnancy, especially when these are annoying or affect daily life, it is much easier and easier to deal with them if you know that everything responds to a positive purpose, if he understands that pregnancy is not a disease, a pathological stage in a woman’s life, which must be watched and pity for living this process.

In today’s society, fortunately we have means and remedies to prevent and treat almost all the problems that may arise during pregnancy. Science has advanced, and every time, there are fewer pathological cases that escape from sanitary control. However, this has also led us to a negative and somewhat fearful perception of a process that should be wonderful, an excessive paternalization of pregnant women, who often feel at the mercy of a system that stuffs them into trials and that he practically does not have his opinion. The information they receive is generally scarce, and in most cases, focused on possible dangers and pathologies. To all it is necessary to add “horror stories” that are heard from other mothers, from other births and pregnancies, make a dent in the minds of future mothers. Everything they tell you ends up affecting you since it is stored in your subconscious.

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On too many occasions I get the impression that women, due to the fear instilled, once the pregnancy arrives, they get carried away, to the point that it seems that their body and their process are no longer theirs, forgetting responsibility and pleasure of being the owners of her pregnancy. It is important to increase social awareness of this necessary empowerment, we must inform, we must read, we must compare opinions, seek support, and decide. Yes, also decide. Not everything is worth it. When you become pregnant your body does not become part of the health staff, when you go into labor you have the right to know what you are doing and why and the responsibility is so much of the professionals that accompany during the process (that more and more, they know it and they assume it), like yours, that you are an active and primordial part of your own motherhood.

Preparation of the mind before pregnancy

Expectations about something directly influence the way people experience themselves. The body and the mind are not two separate organisms, they form a set that affects each other constantly, and this has been studied for a long time. Therefore, and although all the control of the pathology that may occur is important, I consider mental preparation equally important, with a positive approach of what we will find during the whole process of pregnancy, delivery and puerperium and why of these. It is important to know how to accept them, and how to handle our thoughts and emotions before what may come.

Your emotional state is the breeding ground of your baby

Not to mention how important  the emotional state of the mother is for fetal development, a breeding ground where the baby will grow and will fully influence which genes will be expressed and for what, favoring or avoiding future diseases, all of this studied more and more by a science called epigenetics.

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Your heart is ready to beat, your lungs to breathe, because they are physiological processes. Your body is ready to gestate and give birth… Because it is also a physiological process more! Although for this you need to make numerous changes in you, that makes it even more impressive.

Stomach acidity, or if you ever have any loss of urine during pregnancy, are signs that produce progesterone and relaxin, hormones that facilitate the development of your baby, and later allow during delivery greater pelvic mobility to facilitate the output from the east. If you are more tired, it is because your body is asking you to focus your energies on the fetal development, or to rest face to the birth! If you have less desire to socialize, or are less empathetic, it is because your brain is modified so that later you can focus on the baby, and that you understand it better. If your breasts grow and the areolas they get bigger and darker… they are for the baby to see when he is on you. Is not it amazing? All your body preparing to be the best mother in the world.

Mom, you and your body are perfect!

That’s why I think it’s very important to say: Mom, you and your body are perfect!

All those changes that occur in you make you incredible, and they are only the sample of the immense power you have as a woman. You have the power to create life in you. You have the power to carry her inside until she is ready to leave. You have the power to get it to be born from within, and then to feed that new life, nutritionally and emotionally. You are not weaker, you are stronger than ever.

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Do you understand how incredibly powerful and magical you are? Do you understand why those changes make you so special?

Enjoy this stage as much as you can, soak up every second, and yes, you can look at the rest of the people over your shoulder and not the other way around. Because you are doing it.

Do activities that motivate you, share your joy, with other pregnant women or with people who love you


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