Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sports Rally concept
Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sports Rally concept

If you are passionate about Porsche and also about rallies, the news that Porsche Motorsport has just released on your Twitter account is to be happy. And is that the German firm is working on a new central motor rally car, based on the spectacular Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Although the decision on the production of this car will not be made until the end of the year, the company will test the prototype in the next Rally of Germany as a support car for the organization, and will be piloted by Romain Dumas himself, he has recently beaten the absolute record of Pikes Peak with the brutal electric Volkswagen ID.R.

For now the manufacturer has not released pledge on this prototype of rallies, but in sight is that it has specific elements such as additional headlights on the front, a large air intake on the roof, white tires with Michelin rubber or bass protections, in addition to the integrated anti-roll cage or the OMP towing belts, which already equipped the Clubsport circuit.

It is still a mystery if the motorization will be the same as that of the GT4 Clubsport or if it will have a different block or a specific start-up. In any case, the circuit version weighs 1,300 kilos and uses a six-cylinder boxer and 3.8-liter with 385 hp, a six-speed PDK change, mechanical rear-end racing or the GT3 Cup front axle, for example.

Meanwhile, Porsche is already working on the production GT4 version for the new generation of the 718 Cayman, which should be even more precise, fun and rewarding than the GT4 that we tested in 2015 and that deeply fell in love with us.

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