Everything in our daily life has a certain order. However, many times things stand out from the general mass, because they do not fit at all with what we consider “normal”. Boots for firefighters that can not withstand high temperatures, stores that work 25 hours a day, seats in fast food restaurants that run into the wall: none of that makes sense, but it’s fun to watch!

Gobhy.com selected for you 22 examples where logic decided to take vacations.

1The skin color lycra is not the best option

2As if nothing happened

3During a conference, this man began to draw with a permanent marker on the screen of a 60-inch television

4The creators of this fast food restaurant did not take into account something, or perhaps they understand very well the introverts

5Do not you want cereal with milk for breakfast?

6Why not make one more door in the living room?

7Just use the stairs for what they were designed

“In case of fire, use the stairs”.

8The creators of this charger port are implying that it is better not to use the mouse

9What was the objective of the person who designed this?

10The apartment we rented during the holidays turned out to be a little different than we expected

11Afraid that the paper ends suddenly?

12What an interesting vacancy!

“I’m hiring a girlfriend:
– Full time;
– Please love me”.

13We work extra time for you

“Open 25 hours”.

15I played golf with a new stick…

16The plants really are boring. Better buy expensive screens that transmit 24/7 the image of a tree

17A cake with… roasted chicken

18That’s OK

Have you ever seen things without logical explanation?

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