Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Relationship
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Relationship

Pete Davidson just can not stop talking about Ariana Grande

It seems that the comedian stuck hard love, because every chance he has speaks of the happy that Ari does, or at least that’s what he saw in one of his comedy shows.

Pete showed up at the Hollywood Improv and since he did not have a show ready, he ended up talking about his great love for his girlfriend.

Some members of the public told E! News what he said: Pete said he did not have a play ready because he really did not want to be there and said he is very happy and that life is good, so there is nothing to complain about.

Someone in the crowd shouted Ariana’s name and said how attractive she is and he smiled, but he did not really want to give more information other than that it’s wonderful to have someone like her.”

Another public assistant said: “The first thing he answered when they asked about Ariana was ‘it’s pretty silly, huh?’, And that’s when he started saying that he felt so lucky, like he won the lottery and could not believe I was so lucky. “After that, he became more involved in a comedy act, but it was quite sweet because he was the most genuine and happy he seemed during the whole process.”

This is not the first time that Pete shows how enamored he is with Ari, first he shared a sweet photo of both wearing outfist Harry Potter and then showed the incredible tattoos that were made in honor of Ariana.

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With so many samples of love, do you think Pete is the right one for Ari?

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