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Oysho will open two gyms in Spain

Oysho Gyms Spain
Oysho Gyms Spain

The lingerie brand of Inditex, Oysho, hopes to revolutionize Spain with a new sports proposal. For some years, Oysho has also included sportswear to encourage women to get into workouts and wear clothes that make them feel comfortable. As a novelty, they have dared to launch two gyms “pop-up” or ephemeral.

Oysho Sport Hub

This is the name of the gyms that open occasionally in Spain. For now dates have been announced for Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although we do not doubt that it is only a first contact to finish expanding the project.
These ephemeral gyms are designed as training spaces designed to live an interactive experience, according to their own website.

The first will see its doors open in Barcelona, ​​on June 4 and will only remain open until June 8. In these four days, those who want to can practice fitness activities in areas of Light Box, Cycling, Surf’s Up, Active Yoga, Functional Zone and Fitness Ballet.
As they say from Oysho, this pop-up gym will have interactive screens and floors sensitive to movement. In addition to circuits for functional training, ballet bars, free weight area or surfboards.

After Barcelona, ​​the brand plans to open another gym in Madrid, from 10 to 14 September. It is expected to be quite similar to that of the Catalan city, with the same technology focus, but including new sports activities and presenting the sports collection for winter of 2018-19.

If you want to sign up for the gym in Barcelona, ​​you can do it starting on May 22, through its official website.


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