Difference between Astral Projection and Astral Travel
What is Astral Projection?

The experience outside the body or astral travel, is a natural phenomenon that happens every night while we sleep, although most people do not realize it.There are numerous reports and studies that indicate that many people around the world are having lucid out-of-body experiences. In fact, we all disconnect from our physical body. (For astral travel: dangers, read this article)

Sensations the experience outside the body

Here are some of the sensations of out-of-body experience or astral travel: have you ever felt the sensation of falling while you slept, and you have woken up with a start? Have you found yourself unable to move when you fall asleep or wake up? Have you ever “awakened” finding yourself floating on top of your body? Or, have you felt awake outside your physical body? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can rest assured that these sensations are normal and are some of the sensations that can be experienced in the initial phase of an Out-of-Body Experience – EFC, also known as astral projection, astral travel or conscious projection.

There are two fundamental factors for one to know that he is outside the body in an astral trip. One of them is lucidity, which is the ability to be aware of what is happening, maintaining the capacities that we normally use in our day to day, rationality, discernment, ability to decide, analysis, that is, having the same degree of control or even greater about what we do. The second factor is the ability to remember the experience upon awakening.

Out-of-body experiences or lucid astral travel

Out-of-body experience or astral travel is a phenomenon completely different from an ordinary dream or a lucid dream, because it is not an experience produced by our physical brain. The experience outside the body is a real situation experienced in another dimension, or plane. Ordinary dreams occur within the cerebral hemispheres and the inconsistencies that occur in them are generally not questioned. In a lucid dream we begin to recognize that we are dreaming, and many times we have some degree of control over the elements of the dream. However this is still a common dream. We could say that lucid dreams are on the way to developing the degree of lucidity and discernment necessary to turn the dream into an out-of-body experience or astral travel.

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In an experience outside the conscious body (conscious projection), one can meet a friend, who is also outside the body, and both can remember the same event. It is also possible to visit and talk with people who have gone through biological death. It is also possible to visit places and people at will. Sometimes during a screening, it is possible for the person experiencing it to confirm their experience. For example, the person can have his or her body asleep, and simultaneously be projected by witnessing an incident at a specific time and place. Then, the next day, this same person when turning on the television, sees a report in the news about an identical event that agrees with the time and place of his astral projection.

How to train for the out-of-body experience or astral travel

One of the ways to develop the experience outside the body or astral travel to have more and more experiences outside the body is the control and balance of our energies. The mastery of our bioenergetic processes is the key to conscious projection. Each person goes through life with a unique energy pattern, which is the connection with their physical body – this pattern of energy is called Bioenergy, also known as chi, prana, or vital energy.

Our bioenergetic system is supported by the basic replenishment mechanisms. However, there are techniques so that people can learn to control their energy field at will, improving, in this way, the balance, quality and quantity of their energy body.

Most people are unaware of the bioenergetic processes that happen around them. Processes that affect numerous daily personal interactions. Many times, a person may come into contact with another person who does not have a good energy balance, and without realizing it, he may suddenly feel drained of energy; feeling, for no apparent reason, fatigued, irritable, sleepy, in a bad mood, etc. Through the development of a balanced personal energy field, one can build self-defense against these drainages, as well as, make daily use of the positive uses of bioenergy. The study of conscious projection and bioenergy is growing consistently. Anyone can learn to have conscious projections and increase the frequency of these, as well as,

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The development of bioenergetic control will lead the person to have astral projections induced by his will. Veteran projectors gradually begin to use that third of human life, which we spend sleeping in having experiences or lucid astral travel, while the body is sleeping. In this way, they can improve their lives and those of others by bringing information and knowledge of their perceptions out of the body into daily life.

Benefits of out-of-body experience or astral travel

There are many benefits that we can obtain with out-of-body experiences or astral travel. Here are some of them:

  • Lost of the fear of death, when we verify that we do not die, that we continue to exist in other non-physical planes.
  • Valuing life much more
  • Memory of past lives
  • Discovery of our mission or life task
  • Meeting with friendly beings who went through biological death
  • Meeting with our supporter (guardian angel)
  • Greater understanding of life

Through the experience outside the body (either spontaneous or caused by the will) the individual can achieve these same benefits and many more. The projection is being studied intensely due to its great potential. Through access to other planes of existence and the acquired understanding in the handling of this experience, one can replace beliefs with direct personal experiences. The conscious projection allows the understanding of the human conscience and the human interrelation with the dimension of the invisible, subtle, but real existence that surrounds us and affects our lives at all times. This is why, very important, inform those who are open to this phenomenon, so that they can benefit from this experience. Experience-out-of-the-body… is it possible? Definitely!

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