Mother's Day Sport Gifts
Mother’s Day Sport Gifts

If you are one of the laggards to buy gifts for Mother’s Day, we propose some original ideas that will surely please any athlete mother. Playing sports is the best way to regain physical fitness after childbirth, so any motivation is welcome to lead a healthy lifestyle.


In recent years it has become fashionable to give away packages of experiences such as a dinner in a restaurant or a romantic getaway. At FinisherBox they have gone a step further, focusing on the sports sector and offering gift boxes that include registration to a race.
You can choose asphalt or mountain races, as well as include a book for runners of 140 pages for 29’90 euros.

An activity or fitness bracelet

Wearables are taking the lead in sports, with activity wristbands and smart watches the most in demand. Any sports mother will be delighted to have a fitness bracelet with which she can measure the kilometers walking, the calories expended or the heart rate. On occasion we have talked about cheap models like the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or the Goral Y5, which for less than € 30 you can have it.

Wireless headphones

Most athletes train listening to music through their smartphone, having become almost obsolete with wired headphones. The option with bluetooth is much more comfortable to prevent the cable from getting tangled or the heads that emit sound are falling from our ears. We leave you the article in which we recommend some models of wireless headphones.

Sports bra

There are many women who do not choose correctly the sports bra that best suits their body and the intensity of their activity. The bra is almost as important as the shoes, so it can be a great gift, which will surely pay off for a long time.

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In this article we recommended some tips to choose the perfect model for you, without highlighting a specific brand. You can find them at a very affordable price, although the main thing is that it suits your physical activity.

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