Orgasms in the gym?Yes!
Orgasms in the gym?Yes!

If you think you have already experienced all the possibilities to have an orgasm, you are probably wrong; There is a very little known practice that can take place at any time and stage of daily life; In fact, it could have happened to your deskmate just before arriving at the office.

Abdogasm is an orgasm produced while the lucky person who experiences it performs some kind of physical exercise. The term was introduced by Alfred Kisnsey (1953), but it is until now that both his knowledge and his practice have begun to become popular.

Although it can also happen to men, having abdogasms is practically a feminine pleasure because the stimulation of the sexual organs through certain movements of the body is much more feasible in women.

On the incidence of this curious sexual practice, the researcher Debby Herbenick of the University of Indiana conducted a study;

In it he interviewed 124 women between 18 and 63 years old who claimed to have experienced orgasms while exercising.

The results indicated that  19% of them had an orgasm while using a bicycle (also including fixed ones); 9.3% got it while using a tube or rope, 7% lifting weights  and another 7% practicing other sports  more varied. In addition, the respondents claimed not to have had sexual fantasies or be thinking of another person at the time of having orgasm, so that sexual pleasure had arrived unexpectedly.

If in itself both orgasms and exercise help lead a healthy lifestyle , imagine the union of the two things…

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