Instagram cover
Instagram cover

Instagram is the social network that has integrated more news in recent weeks, and remember that the latest updates to the application include the possibility of putting music in our Stories, conducting new surveys, video calls were also premiered, and now, the questions open to the Stories arrive,

The latest Instagram update now allows you to ask your followers anything, thanks to a new sticker that is already available along with the other options such as GIF, Survey, Location and other options.

With this new tool, the social network wants you to have a much more personal approach with your audience, and that they can be part of your digital life on Instagram, because now you can ask which clothes look better, how could you name them? your pet, what is your favorite movie, etc.

This feature is available on both Android and iOS, with the latest update published in the Play Store and App Store.

It is also important to mention that the open questions are not made by any user to the instagramers, but that each one can post a question in their Stories and wait for their followers to respond.

What do you think about this new Instagram feature?

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