All Google Assistant commands
All Google Assistant commands

The voice commands came to Android in 2013 with the acclaimed Nexus 5. Little by little “Ok, Google” became famous and hand in hand with Google Now and its cards came of age. But it has continued to evolve into Google Assistant, the assistant that allows us to interact with our smartphone or other devices such as the Google Home loudspeaker line. Here you have all the voice commands that you can use with Google Assistant.

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  • How to configure Assistant
  • WhatsApp messages
  • System settings
  • Communication
  • Diary
  • Maps and trips
  • Entertainment, music and videos
  • Cooking
  • Internet
  • Alarms
  • Information and sports
  • Languages
  • Meteorology
  • Calculations
  • Google Home

How to configure Google Assistant

In order to use Google Assistant (Android 5.0 Lollipop or later) from any screen we must configure it first. Update the Google application to the latest version and start:

  • Long press the start button (the circle on the screen).
  • Press Start and then Continue .
  • Accept the permissions.
  • You have to repeat “Ok, Google” three times to recognize your voice.
  • If you want to wake up the assistant with your voice, you can also activate it in the settings of the Google application.

WhatsApp messages

Thanks to the power of the artificial intelligence of Assistant you will be able to send messages from WhatsApp without having to touch the phone just by saying “Ok, Google” and:

  • Send a WhatsApp to Silvia and say: Today, for a change, I’m late
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Send a WhatsApp to Silvia
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System settings

  • Turn on / off the flashlight
  • Upload [volume, brightness]
  • Download [volume, brightness]
  • Note
  • Take photo]
  • Make [photo, video]
  • Record a video]
  • Add [note, event]
  • Open [clock, whatsapp, application]
  • Download [brightness]
  • Put [in vibration, in silence, do not disturb] (open configuration)
  • Activate [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, airplane mode]
  • Deactivate [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, airplane mode]
  • Help


  • Send a Message from [Telegram, Hangout, ect] to [Contact] with [Message] (ask for shipping confirmation, we will answer yes or no)
  • Send message from [Telegram, Hangout, ect] to [Contact] (dictate the message and answer yes to send)
  • Call [Contact]
  • Call the [Gaurav Rajput]
  • Send (r) a message to [brother-in-law] that says [I have the screws you asked me]
  • Send email to [Rodolfo] subject [cinema] message [we will be at 8]
  • Send mail to [mom] that says [I’m here in 20 minutes]
  • Send [SMS] to [AA cari], [buy popcorn]

Plan your day

  • What time is my meeting?
  • Set an alarm for 7 o’clock in the morning
  • Add detergent to the shopping list
  • Remind me tomorrow at 6 that I have dinner with friends

Maps and trips

  • How can I go home? Andando?
  • How do I go by train to Madrid?
  • What flights are there from Barcelona to Berlin for the second weekend of April?
  • Where I am?
  • Navigate to [home]
  • How to get to [Teruel]
  • How to get home]
  • Map of [India]
  • Find [the cathedral of Santiago]
  • Where is [Alexanderplatz]
  • Show me [the nearest restaurant]
  • Address of [Ministry of Agriculture]
  • Places of interest [Berlin]
  • Distance [from A Coruña to San Sebastián]
  • Get to [Madrid]
  • Take me to [Lisbon]
  • Flights to [Madrid]
  • Flights from [Madrid] to [Lanzarote]
  • Bus to [New Delhi]
  • Train to [San Sebastián]
  • Flight status [IB376]
  • Flight [IB376]
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  • Put a song by [Artist] (select application)
  • Youtube [how to make patatas bravas]
  • YouTube [Madonna in the Superbowl]
  • See [Jurassic World trailer]
  • How long is it [Jurassic World]
  • Actor [Schindler’s list]
  • Actress [The hours]
  • Who acted in [Star Wars]
  • Director [Jurassic Park]
  • Author of [Don Quixote]
  • Listen to music [Name of the song]
  • Listen to music [Artist]
  • Music


  • How to make a paella
  • Recipe for cooking Chop shuey
  • Set a timer for the 15-minute pizza


  • Open []
  • Go to []
  • Open a web about Android


  • Alarm at [9]
  • Remind me [pick up laundry from the dry cleaners] at [3]
  • Wake me up at [7]
  • Create event in the calendar, [tomorrow] at [9] [appointment at the doctor]
  • Timer [20 minutes]

Information and sports

  • Age of [Jesus Christ]
  • What time is it in [Rio de Janerio]?
  • Time to get to [home]
  • Where is the nearest hospital]
  • How many [euros] are [100 dollars]
  • How old is [Madonna]
  • When was [Iggy Pop] born?
  • Local time in [Sao Paulo]
  • Result [Copa del Rey]
  • When does [Barça] play?
  • Winner of [Eurovision]
  • Images of [Cathedral of Burgos]
  • Where was born [David Bowei]
  • Images of [Monument]
  • Convert [100] [Euros] to [dollars]
  • Husband of [Calista Flockhart]
  • When it was released [File X]
  • Release date of [X-Files]


  • How do you say [caracol] in [French]
  • Say [go to the supermarket] in [German]
  • What does [saw] mean?


  • What time will it take [tomorrow, Saturday] in [Madrid]
  • It will rain tomorrow]?
  • What’s the weather like in London]


  • [50] by [20]
  • [50] between [5]
  • [10] percent of [500]
  • Square root of [126]
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Google Home

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of Assistant, Google Home can be the control center for all the multimedia entertainment of your home. With the Google Home application we can control all home Chromecasts with only your voice.

Google Home
Google Home
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

With Google Home we can send content directly to a chromecast without going through the smartphone, for example: “Ok Google, put Star Wars in the room”.

Do you use other commands? Do you use Google voice search?

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