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Nuts, the ideal option to strengthen your brain


The brain is the organ of your body that has more energy requirements. Each day consumes a large amount of energy in order to perform its innumerable physiological processes. To help your brain function properly you must have a balanced diet in which you include nuts.

These fruits contain a large amount of nutrients that help strengthen your brain. They are rich in polyunsaturated fats, which once degraded in the body serve as a source of energy. They also contain fiber in large proportion, a component that helps the brain to perform vital functions for the body.

Dried fruit
Add to your snack various nuts and enjoy pleasant moments with its flavor.

Why should you eat nuts?

Since they are composed of fats easier to digest, your body transports them to the brain and he in turn takes advantage of them to improve their functions. In addition, these fruits contain high fiber content, vitamins and electrolytes

All these components are actively involved in the metabolism of your body, the same that makes your brain work. For this reason, eating nuts is ideal for strengthening the functioning capabilities of your brain.

Saturated fats versus Unsaturated fats

All the meals you eat each day contain fats. This daily contribution is considered exogenous fats from the diet. They can be of two types, saturated and unsaturated. Each one grants certain contributions to your body and then you will see some more beneficial than others.

Saturated Fats

Most of the food you eat daily contains saturated fat. Saturated fats when entering your body can not be metabolized efficiently. This is because they are not soluble, so they tend to accumulate in the walls of blood vessels. Saturated fats are converted into the body in what is called bad cholesterol

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Bad cholesterol, also known as low density cholesterol, participates in the transport of fatty acids. It is considered bad because it transports fatty acids from the liver to the tissues. This means that it does not favor its degradation in the liver but on the contrary, it returns it to the circulation.

Unsaturated Fats

The “good” fats are considered, since they can be degraded more easily. Unsaturated fats are one of the main energy sources that you acquire through diet. They are characterized because their components contain multiple unsaturations. This makes them more soluble than saturated ones and therefore easier to digest.

The good cholesterol, also called high density cholesterol, is responsible for the transport of unsaturated fats. Unlike bad cholesterol, it transports fats from the tissues to the liver. That is to say that it performs a kind of sweep all over the body collecting excess fat. Later in the liver these will be degraded and then eliminated from the body.

Nuts, due to their composition, contain a large amount of polyunsaturated fats. This makes them an excellent source of healthy energy for the well-being of your body.

Include your desserts and snacks the nuts that you like the most.
Include your desserts and snacks the nuts that you like the most.

High fiber content in small presentations

When we talk about nuts it is necessary to remember that they contain fiber in their main components. Fiber greatly benefits the overall functioning of your body. It acts by favoring gastrointestinal mobility, which has a decisive influence on the nutrient absorption capacity of food.

These nutrients, when absorbed and processed, become sources of energy that will be used by your brain and for all the processes that take place in your brain mass a high amount of energy is required.

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Fiber also helps strengthen the various structures present in tissues. They provide shape and stability to a large number of cells, including brain cells.

More Qualities: they are rich in vitamins

It is valid to note that nuts also have a high content of vitamins in their composition. Vitamins play an important role as collaborators in many biochemical reactions that your brain performs.

Also called cofactors, vitamins are an important factor in various physiological processes. For example, vitamin D favors the absorption of ultraviolet light by acting effectively on the skin.

When can you eat nuts?

Among all the questions, it is one of the easiest to answer: nuts, almonds, figs and others represent a rich source of nutrients. Its consumption is generally not restricted to specific days or hours, so you can always consume them. Even in a large part of the diets, it is recommended to eat a handful of them at least once a day.

These foods represent an ideal snack to drink at any time of the day. Always try to have a bag of nuts in your wallet. When you feel hungry in the middle of the morning or during the afternoon, this is an excellent option. You will be feeding yourself healthy and strengthening your brain, besides, you will be filling that hole in the stomach.

Variety of options for your health

The nuts represent an excellent option to take a light snack, rich and nutritious. There are different types of these fruits, which you can choose depending on your tastes and preferences. Before eating a chocolate or some other dessert rich in sugars, think about this delicious option.

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They play an important role in the functioning of your brain by providing a high source of energy. In this way they favor the intricate and complex processes that take place inside your head.

What is your favorite? You have a lot of options to choose from.
What is your favorite? You have a lot of options to choose from.


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