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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, the new version of the legendary model

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

The Nike Air Zoon Pegasus shoes are probably one of the most sold worldwide for lovers of running. We are already in the 35th edition of the legendary model, so Nike has wanted to present them with some new features that will make you want them more eagerly. The remarkable thing is that it also maintains original nuances, for those who just want to update version 34 without it being a totally different footwear.

What keeps the shoe?

Although in these 35 years, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus have been incorporating technology to achieve a more efficient footwear, there are details that do not want to eliminate. For example, the mesh is still cut and sewn on top and the midsole continues mixing the Cushlon foam with those of the Nike Zoom Air.

What are the novelties?

The truth is that it has novel details such as:

  • The tongue will be much easier to remove thanks to the notches that it includes to put and remove.
  • The upper is in one piece, without extra reinforcements and fully breathable.
  • The bevelled heel improves the footprint and makes the shoe both a training model and casual.
  • It contains an articulated air chamber throughout the sole, inspired by the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%.
  • In the part of the metatarsal, it has inserted pentagonal-shaped blocks to pull perfectly, regardless of the type of surface on which we train.
  • Reactive cushioning to improve flexibility and transition
  • The model for girls includes a softer finish to adapt perfectly to the way women run.

It remains a model of neutral footprint, focused on medium or low weight runners. You can find them for € 120 on their website.

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Curiosities about the Nike Pegasus

  • The American company launched the Pegasus model in 1983. Its name is given by the horse of Greek mythology, since it has the characteristics of speed and flight sensation.
  • It is the best selling running shoe in history.
  • Pegasus was the first model that incorporated the Air Wedge, a unit that improves the absorption of impacts by up to 12%, compared to EVA rubber.
  • In 2004, the first model adapted to the female foot was launched. The area of ​​the laces was more curvilinear and was designed with greater support in the center.
  • It is the first model that includes the Nike FlyEase, without being a basketball shoe.


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