Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Android P
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Android P

In this week of the Google I / O of 2018 we have known many news about Android P, the latest version of the operating system of Google. The manufacturers are adding new improvements to their software layers, as in the case of Xiaomi. That now has introduced in the interface of MIUI 9 for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 some details of Android P.

Precisely very recently we told you that Android 8 Oreo had reached MIUI 9 for the  Xiaomi Mi Mix, Xiaomi Mi5 and Xiaomi Mi Note 2, three of the most popular phones of the Asian firm.

New features of the MIUI 9 interface for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

It is undoubtedly the main novelty we have known about MIUI 9 and its relationship with the new Android P. The software layer of Xiaomi is introducing interesting changes in its version for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which are undoubtedly based on the latest Android version. As we have known in XDA, it has been version 8.5.11 of MIUI 9 that has been filtered in the network, showing some of its most important changes.

In these we can see important developments, among the most visible are those that have to do with the quick configuration, or also known as quick system settings. These now adopt a rounded shape, as in Android P Developer Preview. The rounded notifications also show their influence of the new version of the operating system. Another important novelty reminiscent of Android 9 is the volume button, which is now vertical and appears on the right side of the screen. In the multitasking there are also important changes in the design of its interface.

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Because now we see that instead of horizontally, the open tasks are shown vertically and not only that, but they do so grouped in pairs, so that in the same portion of the screen as before we can see more open processes.

Undoubtedly it is a series of changes in the MIUI interface that bring this layer closer to the Android stock version that many would like to enjoy on their phones. At the moment it is a preliminary version filtered, but that despite this, it can be downloaded from this link. Undoubtedly a hopeful change for MIUI that could reach in the future more terminals, to have a layer more similar to pure Android, if only a little.

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