Netflix series or movie
Netflix series or movie

Now you can request to Netflix the series or movies you really want to see…

How many times has it happened to you that you want to watch a movie or series on Netflix and it is not available? It’s super disappointing!

That is why the streaming platform has created a tool in which users can request series and movies that are not in their catalog, so that they can get the license and make it available to users.

The web address where you can make your requests also explains the reasons why the content does not exist in your platform, or the reasons why it disappeared: “It is a more or less simple matter: they buy the license rights of series and films during a certain period and this means that they have expiration dates, sometimes they do not renew these licenses because another platform has been made with them or because they consider that there are not enough users interested in the title”.

So if you want Netflix to put a movie or series at your fingertips, you have to show that it’s worth it to get the license, so agree with your friends and build a campaign asking for the same title.

Do you think this application tool really works?

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