The 'Insatiable' Series After Criticism
The ‘Insatiable’ Series After Criticism

Insatiable, the new series of Netflix coming out this August 2018, was involved in controversy due to criticism that said the series incited mental image problems, which could lead to develop eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. However, Netflix has issued a response and has refused to cancel the show.

Starring Debby Ryan, Insatiable portrays the life of Patty, an overweight girl who is constantly harassed by her body. Due to an accident, Patty is forced to have her jaw closed for a long time and reappears after a dramatic loss of weight, becoming a beauty queen, seeking revenge against all those who once made her feel bad for her weight.

When the trailer was released, the opinions were very divided. However, most people crossed out this series of fat-shaming, saying that it promoted the dangerous idea that being “slim and beautiful” was much more desirable and acceptable in society than being overweight.

A coming of rage story. @debbyryan stars in Insatiable. August 10. Only on Netflix.

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There were even those who pointed out the toxic stereotypes around the body image, demanding that it be canceled, because Insatiable could be harmful to young audiences.

The vice president of the original Netflix series, Cindy Holland, confirmed that the company will not take any action regarding the negative reactions and will continue with the launch, as planned. The reason why they will take these measures is because the creator of the show felt very convinced to explore these issues based on their own experiences, but sought to do so in a satirical and very exaggerated way.

Ultimately, the message of the program is that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself. Holland did not participate directly in the production of the show, but believes that the perception of the show will change once the public sees it.

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In addition to this, after the criticism, the creator Lauren Gussis published a statement on Twitter, explaining how her own experiences shaped the narration of the series:

When I was 13 years old, I was suicidal. My best friends abandoned me and I wanted to get revenge. I thought that, if I looked pretty on the outside, I would feel that it was enough. Instead, I developed an eating disorder… and the kind of anger that makes you want to do dark things.

Do you think this is the correct way to criticize this type of problem? Could this be just a strategy for the show to get more hype before its premiere? It is very probable and honestly, it would be ideal, because that of perpetuating beauty standards and narratives that indicate that our body has to look a certain way is soooo of the past decade and we should feel comfortable with our body, without anyone thinking about it. he, look like he looks.

Insatiable will be available for streaming on August 10.

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