Netflix affects sex life
Netflix affects sex life

A new study by researchers at the University of Lancaster (United Kingdom) suggests that the sexual habits of couples have been affected by the growth of platforms offering streaming content, such as NetflixPrime Video  and YouTube.

The report reveals that the maximum use of electricity in homes now occurs between 10 and 11 at night, driven by the use of streaming content platforms, which interrupts the hours in which many couples used to invest in their sex life in the bed.

Some study participants reported that the use of mobile devices to watch movies or television series helps them fall asleep, which prolongs watching hours even after turning off the main monitor in the room.

These results coincide with a theory created by Professor of the University of Cambridge, David Spiegelhalter, who says that couples are less interested in having sex because they spend more time watching television in bed.

This theory is based on an investigation where it was found that the median frequency of sexual intercourse went from five times a month in 1990, to three times a month in 2010, a trend that could have continued to decrease until our days.

With information from Fox News.

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